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How You Can Really Get Involved

We Welcome All Who Share The Vision...

Do you HEAR the heartbeat of God... Souls... More Souls... Souls... More Souls...?  Do you want to do more than just pray and give, do you really want get involved?  Fact is, we NEED you!

There are many ways to respond to God's call, but the most important thing of all is what the Lord wants.  We firmly believe that the Lord's revelation of what He is doing in the realm of the spirit and in His kingdom is His INVITATION to join HIM in His work.  We want to be doing what the Lord is doing!

If your heart is yearning to do more and you feel desire to join the Lord in what He is doing in South East Asia, that is your invitation to start moving forward to do more.  The only real question then becomes, "What exactly does the Lord want YOU to do?"

You could become an ASSOCIATE...  one who shares the vision and presents themselves to pray, work, give, and participate in many ways to see the gospel preached and churches planted in South East Asia.  Associates put their faith to work to fulfill the vision, they offer themselves to help in any way they can.  In fact there are as many ways to help as there are gifts, resources, and ideas in the kingdom of God.  How can YOU help?

You could become a DIRECTOR...  one who works with the Board of Directors to provide guidance to the organization as well as giving their gifts and resources to make the vision reality.  Directors will most likely be chosen from the pool of ASSOCIATES that are busy proving their faithfulness by doing what they can to help over time.

You could become a MISSIONARY...  one who GOES to work in the mission field in South East Asia.  SEAMIST in the Philippines has a full training program in place, and is ready to prepare you to do church planting work among unreached people groups in South East Asia.  Non-American are welcome to apply directly.  Most of the American workers who join SEAMIST are sent to the field by World Indigenous Missions, the "sister" agency of SEAMIST since they are best equipped to meet the needs of American missionaries.   If you have any questions, contact us right away and we will pray for you and discuss your call.  May God speak clearly to you!

There are other ways as well, SEAMIST and SEAMIST-USA remain very flexible in how we work and how we relate to people and ministries.  If you want to be involved, you can be.  Remember... The only real question is...

"What exactly does the Lord want YOU to do?"

You can do that...!  Guaranteed...!

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