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How To Donate To Ministries or Projects

Give Online or By Mail or By Phone...

SECURELY ONLINE:  Note that this FORM makes it easy to give, with a list of wokers and projects and easy fields with the needed information.  This is our PREFERRED way to receive your donation!  Use this link to our SECURE INTERNET FORM to give using your ATM debit or your credit card.  Your donation will be processed through the ProPay Gateway, and you will receive an email response with a link back to the website where you can see your donation history and download the receipts.  You will receive a thank you by email from the worker or project leader as well as a tax deductible receipt in January of the year following your donation.

BY MAIL:  You can give by mail simply be mailing your check to

SEAMIST-USA, Inc., 727 West Sycamore St., Nevada, MO 64772

If you send a check, be SURE that you make the check payable to SEAMIST-USA, INC. and include a note about WHO or WHICH project you wish to support with your donation.  You may also include other information such as an encouraging note for the worker.  You will receive a thank you by mail with a receipt, and you will also receive an annual tax-deductible receipt in January of the year following your donation.  If there are any problems, we will contact you right away.  Please include your phone number and email address.

BY PHONE:  You can call Dr. Steve Highlander during normal business hours at 1 417 684 1108.  He can take your gift information, including ATM debit or credit card gifts by phone.  You can also call Richard or June Bartz at 1 928 502 2375 to donate.  They will receive your gift information and enjoy your call too!  We will give you clear instructions on how to send your gift.

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